Choose from Nearly 30 Jerky Flavors

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Jerky James Fine Meats has been perfecting the art of jerky making for more than 25 years. Come try the most delectable jerky on the market in one of our great flavor options.

Beef Jerky Flavors:

•Intense Heat
•Sweet & Spicy
•Black Pepper
•Tennessee BBQ
•Hickory Smoke

Chicken Jerky Flavors:

•Spicy Chicken
•Asian Sesame Chicken Tender Bites
•Chicken with Cranberry Tender Bites

Turkey Jerky Flavors:

•Original Turkey
•Teriyaki Turkey

Beef Stick Flavors:

Beef Stick Flavors:

•Beef and cheddar
•Beef and hot pepper cheese

All Natural and Organic Fruits:

All Natural and Organic Fruits:

No sugar added!

•Organic Mangoes
•Organic Pears
•Organic Coconut
•Natural Peaches
•Natural Apples
•Apple Juice Infused Strawberries
•Apple Juice Infused Cherries

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